BT/BTA: internal (UT – UTS) and external (UTE DX – UTE SX) insert-holder


The insert holder is made in hardened and quenched steel: these treatments assure a great resistance to compression.  The holder is produced in different models:

utensile porta-inserto

1) Holder for internal keyway broaching (UT) (pic.1)

This model is always available in stock in all the sizes indicated in the table (fig.1).

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2) Holder for internal splines (UTS) (pic. 1)

This model (UTS) has the same sizes and features of the holder UT for internal keyway machining, with a special insert seat, where the special insert for spline is installed.  This means that model UTS is a standard holder and thus always available in stock. Inserts for internal spline, which must follow specific standards, remain special, and for this reason produces on Customer’s request.

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** In all insert-holder models, the measure L1 is available in two different sizes: the standard size (L1) and the long size (L1L). For instance, the item code UT-4-25 identifies the holder for 4 mm insert with the standard L1=40 mm, while the item code UT-4-25L identifies the long version of the holder, with a L1=56 mm.

*** Only for item UT-10-25 and UT-12-25 short version (not the long version), L3 size is 11 mm and not 9 mm.

3) Holder for external long broaching (UTE) (pic.2)

Anytime the piece to machine must be held by the tailstock as well, external profiles can be realized with a specific holder (UTE).

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Two versions of the model UTE are available:

– Right holder for external broaching (UTE DX)

– Left holder for external broaching (UTE SX)

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