The broaches for internal polygonal holes are specially shaped tools that are fixed to the spindle of the broaching head – or broaching tool or broaching holder – on one end, while the other end bears the shape of the hole to be obtained. The broaches are manufatured from special HSS steels, duly treated so that they can also be used to machine hard metals. BRIGHETTI MECCANICA S.r.l. produces seven kind of broaches with different shanks fitting perfectly the broaching head – or broaching tool or broaching holder –  seat: G5, G8, G12, G12A, G16, G16L, G25.

In addition to the standard items featured in its Catalogue, BRIGHETTI MECCANICA S.r.l. can build special parts on the basis of Customer’s specifications.


Before starting with the broaching operation, a pre-broach hole must be drilled on the work piece. This pre-broach hole should be a little bit bigger than the shape to machine (from +0,1 to +0,7 mm bigger) and a little bit deeper (from +1 to +5 mm deeper) in order to discharge the chips.
It is a good habit of using a good cutting oil during the broaching operation.


By request BRIGHETTI MECCANICA S.r.l. can supply broaches with one of the following coatings:

> TiCN

> TiN


> TiAlN


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