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Broaching heads: Adjustable Tools

Broaching head BR-G12A - Broaching Tools

Among traditional broaching holders for inside holes and surface profiles present in the world market at the time being, the broaching holder  BR-G12A is a great novelty. Like all the others BR broaching tools, it can be installed on both traditional and CNC machine tools.

The main feature of the broaching holder BR-G12A is its suitability for every kind of broach with a length between 25 and 60 mm. This means that the maximum broaching depth achievable by this holder is 60 mm (L in picture 2), while the maximum depth of the shape is 20 mm (L1 in picture 2).The broaching holder or broaching head BR-G12A must be adjusted every time according to the different length of the broach used.  This operation is easy and fast:  using a special gauging tool, supplied together with the broaching toolit is possible to regulate the setting screw, which moves up or down the axis of the broach, on the basis of the broach length. The same process is valid for surface broaches.

To use correctly a broaching tool or broaching holder – is very important always keeping  in mind that, even if the material to machine and the requested shape are the same, the more a broach is long the greater the effort of the machining at the end of the broach is. For this reason it is a good habit of reducing feed and speed if long broaches are used.

Broaching head BR-G12A - Broaching Tools

broaching holder BR-G12A can be used with broaches G12A… and broaches in inches GP12A…

for the technical details please see to the general table “features and dimensions “